Design Work

“Plans mean nothing; planning is everything”. -General Dwight Eisenhower
Good design is an important part of what we do at R & M Construction Co. Good design will reflect your tastes and sensibilities, while helping us to work within your budget. Many people wonder when they get past the “thinking about it” stage of their project how they should proceed. Call us – we like to start at the beginning!  In many cases, we can help with suggestions and ideas, and we also know when to bring in a professional designer or architect. Good design costs money; there is no getting around it. For a moment though, think about how much poor design will cost you: a room layout that isn’t quite right, or a missed opportunity for convenience. You may lose the “wow” factor in a room where professional planning might have provided just what you dreamed about. Design and planning is the first step towards getting what you really want.

We can work with an architect or designer to give you a meaningful idea of costs as you begin a planning process, which can help with budgeting before finalizing design. This can help you decide to scale back, go with your dream, or in some cases not to proceed at all. We have found that once we get past the simple projects, a free estimate is worth exactly what you pay for it. So while we won’t promise a free estimate for every situation, we will promise a free consultation, and we can go from there with a plan to maximize your remodeling satisfaction.